Spring 2018 Bridal Trends. Yes REALLY.

Shes back!!! Yup. After a week of absolute bliss, relaxation, love, dancing, friendship, tears, booze, weight gain and food she's back. Mel - Quite simply put, the most divine bride - to ever walk, the face of the earth. #notbiased Calm, zen, relaxed, breathtaking and stunning beyond words. Steph and I, were the anxiety ridden, … Continue reading Spring 2018 Bridal Trends. Yes REALLY.


This post comes directly from my friend Olivia,  well let's be honest not directly from you Liv........I mean you texted me and if you read my very first post, text messages are why I started this blog. Its wedding season the 'dreaded' wedding season, the oh shit I have nothing to wear season, a number of … Continue reading Wedding