Mums are always RIGHT – SEVEN reasons why.

Hey Babes,

How are you?

For those that follow me, YOU are aware it’s been a rough couple of weeks for our family.

Thank you, to everyone for your generosity during this time.

This post, was ready to go days before our family went through anything. I have been pondering if this should go up so soon.

BUT.  It seems fitting.

Mums are incredible, hug yours, often.

Thank you for the support.

Today’s post is dedicated to my dear cousins, Fletcher and Lindsay.

We are here. ALWAYS.

“Your first love won’t be your last.”

Oh, that first love, they have your heart and man they take it.  Hook, line and sinker. Remember dem “feels” as a teen, when you first break up with “the person you were going to marry”.

It hurts.

It hurts the MOST, out of any. other. break up. Do you remember who understood you through that time? Yes, friends, without a doubt – it was your Mumma. She truly understood the pain and agony.

As much as we see them as “never being a teenager” ever. They too, at some point in their lives lived the shit bits, of a break up. I will always remember my Mum telling me that my first love wouldn’t be my last.

I also remember when she, bribed me with FANCY clothes to leave a certain boyfriend.

ANNE ROUND’S exact words, “now when you wear these clothes, you can only wear them when you’re not with him”.

It took me a further YEAR, to pick up what she was putting down.


A massive shout out to those who are high school sweethearts. It’s awesome to find true love that young. But for most us, the real thing comes along further down the track.

“Kindness FIRST” 

While those bad ASS bitches, slash mean girls might be popular in high school. We all learn as we get older that, pure kindness is what matters.

Kindness and respect of others is how you as a person, can truly be successful in this life. Remember when Mum told you those ‘”mean girls”, will always be “mean girls”.

Well she was – BANG ON.

I will never forget when the “cool” girls in High School, referred to me as ‘looking like a pig’. Or when someone in grade six (behind my back) mentioned how fat I was. Or that time in grade two when a boy told me how hairy I was.

I wonder where they are NOW.


Being nice doesn’t cost you a thang, even if it means having to separate yourself from the “bad ass bitches” later in life.

“Always wear sunscreen.” 

I mean do we even need to go there with this one. My 30-year-old self is YELLING DERRRR. My 16-year-old self is saying eff off MUM.

Every Mother nags us with this advice, while we might not take it seriously when we’re younger (I sure didn’t, hello solariums ewwwwww)

As we get older and wiser, we understand how important it is to take care of our skin. Not just for cosmetic reasons, but to stay healthy and prevent skin cancer. I’m all about the slip, slop, slap. My skin really only sees a spray tan these days, I may be dorky but let’s talk in my 50s!

“Less is more, when applying makeup.”

Oh, gwad, I remember the days when I could. not. leave. the house without a full bag of makeup. Yups true story. The heavy black liner, the shit load of blush, the concealer on my nose, that is always red.

I am INCREDIBLY lucky that Mum taught me how to do my makeup. PLUS, I had number of years participating in dance concerts, meaning I understood right from wrong.

FINALLY, I was very lucky that Mum taught me to spend a little bit more money on quality makeup was a good investment. So, this gal, at age 15 was rocking Lancome.


I DO HAVE A BUT – I would not leave the house, if I wasn’t caked in full, glam makeup.#whohastime

Nowadays, with a little wisdom, confidence and Mecca, I’m absolutely hearing Mum in my head.

A little brow penciled, a touch of tinted moisturizer, concealer under dem bags, a little blush. We be done.

Happy girls are the prettiest.

Thanks, Mum.

“Never settle.”

Mums always know what’s best for us and they know what we deserve. We might not have understood what it meant when they told us to “never settle”. Or in what context, for that matter.

After a few years of having different relationships, SHIITY friendships AND awful jobs, it begins to make complete sense.

Never settling, means always going for it, cutting toxic people and taking care of you.

Asking yourself (on the reg) what you deserve, enables you to question any situation. I like to create vision boards #nerd #loveit

I’ve kept this baby, in mind throughout my career to date and most importantly in my friendships.

If you believe in you, if you believe in what you deserve. It allows you, to open to new adventures, opportunities and positive humans.

“Eat your fruit & veggies.”

All the things we hated doing when we were young, are so important to one’s health.

I was rather lucky growing up (at the time I didn’t agree)

Mum and Dad never ‘allowed’ us to have naughty foods during school. They both saw the value in us eating well. I have grown up, always choosing health.

Look I’m not perfect, I have days and well weeks where I’m not good. Being a coeliac OVI changed everything for me again #anothertime

I choose fruit and veggies more often than not.

Mum instilled good health in us all, I know I will do the exact same when I am a Mumma bear!

“Do you really need that? Invest in pieces you can wear forever.”

Yes, always right.

We’re all guilty of it.

When we see something, we want we need it, right then and NOW. #ourgeneration #guilty #currentlywearingajacketiNEEDED

Mum taught us to save and work hard for investment, TIMELESS pieces. The reward is something special, plus if your BLESSED with little ladies you can pass it down or keep forever.

SIDE NOTE, I have decided Craig and I will only have boys, so all my “beautiful investments” will need their own pool room. HA. #notjoking

Quit the “buy now, want now” habits and put something on lay-by. Remember that ol thing. Go to your local, yes local shops (no centers) and pay something off.  SLOWLY.

Trust me it will be worth it, once you have reached that goal, you feel accomplished and proud. Then you get to be BABEN in your new investment.

Thank you for the support.

Take these babies with you next time, you need some support.

Much Love



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3 thoughts on “Mums are always RIGHT – SEVEN reasons why.

  1. Sjlifestyle says:

    Absolutely love every piece you write.
    Although you may have questioned your timing given your circumstances- I think it was so perfectly written. You’re so talented gorgeous. Sending you lots of love and extra strength to you and your family through what must be such a horrible time ❤️❤️Xxx


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