Outerwear – Winter Edition

Hey Friends,

I am sorry – I have been a little off.

My writing game has not been on point, I have to admit it I have been in a bit of a rut. I do a lot in my days and since our trip away, I have been “off the wagon” lets say. I have not been focusing on me, I have not been focusing on the future.

I have put on weight which always gets me down. I don’t weigh myself but I can tell from the muffin tops on my pants and my HUGE boobs. I still work out like a crazy lady but man, peanut butter and red wine ( LOTS OF IT)

I have just been getting through, each day to the next. Safe to say I am burnt out mentally, I just need to get back to being the positive writer you know and like. ( I hope )

This girl is always honest!!

So I took one day this week to cry, feel crappy and ask all the hard hitting questions. Thank goodness I have my best friend (Craig) to allow me to do this and to kick my butt. Bottom line is the next day the universe delivered (cant say what, in time friends)  I start a new health journey, this coming Monday with my darling Skye.

Ok enough of the emotional out pour – its just a friendly reminder “its ok, not to be ok”

Lets talk about winter. Its cold, I hate the cold. What I do love is winter jackets and outerwear. So my dear friends, I present the best jackets slash outerwear around at the minute.

As per my usual posts, I give you options. The OH MY GOODNESS I MUST HAVE and the uber exxy editions.

Trending for winter is oversized long coats, masculine tailored styles, puffer coats, furry coats (think faux fur), trench coats (standard) and Khaki.

When choosing the perfect coat, I suggest to keep it classic in a neutral tone. Less fuss is more, especially if your buying an investment piece.  I have tried to include a few pastel hues for my girly girls, overall each item below is classic. Ok maybeeeeeeeeee, not the final one, but it  needed to be done.

The beauty of these styles is the ability to layer practically anything underneath – pair with leather, shirts, chunky knits, skirts, pants and your fave skinny jean.

Go wild, shop up and remember to always love you.

Follow the adventures here 


Maurie and Eve $299.00 – here



Victoria and Woods $699 – here 



The Fifth $149 – here 




Acler ( ma babes ) $495 – here 


Newick Coat


Unreal Fur – YES FAKE $309 – here 


Zimmermann ( On sale ) $665 – here 


Stranded Lounge Blazer


The ULTIMATE Jacket, I own this baby in black and its the BEST investment I have ever made. Camilla and Marc $680.00 – here 


Dimmer Blazer

A girl can dream, Camilla and Marc $999 – here 




A steal Glassons $29.99 – here 


Flight Jacket Navy Blazer


Another S T E A L, Sass $100 – here 




The Fifth $119.95 – here 







Clearly need this is my life $235 – here 


PE. Nation the perfect Gym/Casual hybrid brand, very in love – here 



Petite Studio New York $149 – here 



Petra Von Kant $68 DOLLARS YES, LADIES YES – here 





By Maelene Birger $708.44 – here


One day friends, one day Gucci  $2155- here 




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