Beauty Hack : The Lash GAME

Hey Babes,

How are you?

It’s about that time.

I am your little piglet.

I am going to go out on a limb, and try something new for you friends.

By going “out on a limb”, I mean try something, I am actually TERRIFIED of.

Slash intrigued by.

Today we are talking about L A S H E S, by lashes I mean E X T E N T I O N S.

*FUN FACT: eyes and MOI are. Not. Friends.

I cant stand them being touched, pocked, looked at, blahhh they make me feel ill.

SO, when I decided my ‘best Mascara’ in the world, ‘not the best Mascara in the world’ WAS no longer cutting it for me, I knew it was time to bite the bullet.

Not to mention, I hate wearing make up during the week.

I mean who could be bothered………..

I build, up the courage and booked in for my very first lash extensions. INSERT spirit fingers.

Ok that’s a baby lie, I have done it ONCE before but the experience was so traumatic, that I have blocked it out of my brain.

Discloser – My lash lady is a secret; mainly because she is fully booked and she would like to remain see through. #iloveher

AS YOU CAN SEE THIS IS NOT A PAID, post in any way shape or form.

The whole process, from start to finish was gentle and rather easy. My fears about my eyes and what COULD happen vanished immediately. I think its because my technician is so insanely talented.

During my consultation, we decided to only do the half lases. We thought it would be best if I don’t over “drag kween” it. I have relatively long and dark black lashes. FINALLY SOME HAIR ON MY BODY I CAN BE PROUD OF. I am quite the hairy beast – well not so much anymore ( laser thank you ) #pubichairovermyentirebody #yourwelcome

Applying my half set of lashes took, about two hours. The whole experience was rather quick, if you need to catch some zsssss, well this is your perf opportunity.

To NOTE, This is then maintained every three to four weeks, which takes roughly an hourish.

FACT: Lash extensions, CAN last through a full growth cycle of natural eyelashes. Give or take six to eight weeks. REMEMBER, every babes lash growth is somewhat DIFFERENT. Meaning Piper may get eight weeks and Alex may get about two weeks.

Ok confession – I am half way through season three; of Orange is the New Black. I am so addicted. I am binging like it’s the end of the world. SO obsessed, you see; I used the main characters names in my example. M U S T. get. Through. It. before. JUNE………#newseason


I went about four weeks, before I started to look naked and by naked I mean I needed to apply SOME mascara. To maintain, the current look I have which is natural and full.  We decided on a three-week cycle. Great for me! The babe that PERFORMS the magic is the best person, in the world to catch up with.

Showering for the first time post lashes was pretty hilarious, it can best be described as Bambi learning to walk, I was pretty hopeless. I had to learn the basics, of washing ones face from scratch. After the first time I can safely say we be good. Not to mention my face washing is now on point, as I need to think about it rather then just do it. #yaknowwhatimean

Tips Time –

  • Try to keep water away from your lashes, for the first 12 hours after application and refills. You really don’t want the water washing off, those brand new babies.
  • Don’t use any, oil-based products or makeup removers around the eye area. So bye bye, to my magic serum around the eyes for the time being.
  • Try your best to not use any mascara for a few days, as it can pull the lashes off sooner rather then later.
  • When you are ready to use mascara, please only use it on the tips. Using mascara at the base of the extensions will get very clumpy. Ain’t no body got time for that.
  • Its best not to rub your eyes, because this can cause lash loss and even damage to your natural lashes.
  • If lashes are applied properly to each individual lash, they won’t fall out.
  • PS you don’t feel the new lashes, they become apart of you right away. Hot tip baby.

How did I feel baby –

Instantly, I felt amazing and very much on point. My face and eyes had the best definition and I received loads of comments on said lashes.

The next day I just woke up like that.


I walked out of the door, with a hint of concealer under my bags. I pencilled dem brows in and took the day by the balls.

Not to forget my serum and moisturiser routine, which was a little more delicate then usual.

Its somewhat liberating, having zero makeup on. Knowing that your lash game is freaking strong.

Clearly I have a lip on here, but dem LASHES!!


So are they for you?

Well there is a few down sides, lets start with them.

An expensive, upkeep. PERIOD. Sorry but them dem facts.

How do I justify it (to the hubsta to be), well I have had so much bloody laser that waxing is not needed.

Hence my ‘disposable cash” for lash times. LOL ‘disposable’……….#notreally #brokeaf #weddingtimes

They are quite high maintenance, to get the best longevity – you need to be diligent and careful.

I would love to rub my eyes and apply some serious,eye cream but sadly you just cant.

The Better Bits

love that I don’t need to apply, any makeup ever. I mean EVER. For me they are winning and ticking all the right boxes. Plus pre wedding its just the perfect fit.

If you have a special occasion, I absolute recommend them. They are fun, flirty and make you feel extra glam.

I am all about spoiling oneself and if it’s an hour out, every now and then to catch up with a cool lash babes then go for it. Especially Mumma Bears, you all deserve some you time.

FUN FACT: HELLO fake lashes THEY will always do the trick. If you are not in the game to commit to extensions, ya know time slash money. Head to your closest makeup (cough mecca) store and grab some FALSE LASHES.

They will do the trick, my swear by lashes (pre extensions) can be found here

So go on give them a try and report back.


Photos Below – NO editing this is me pure and RAW. Yes to brows and yes, you can see bags!! Why lie, why edit, this is me 🙂



Ok clearly a LIP here, Craig’s birthday dinner had to put some glam into it. Thanks for the picture Emma ( sister )




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