Just a Mini Break……

Hey Friends,

So by now I am in Vietnam, soaking up the sunshine and preparing to be a bridesmaid.

This blog has been an amazing journey so far, I am so excited that there is so many of you on board.

Never in my dreams did I expect growth, letter-lone people returning.

For me its been quite the gut spiller and I love what I am providing, a space for women, to come together and be F’ucking Real.

I am real, all me, raw and honest and I love that you guys relate to this.

I believe, having come from a background of ‘FAHUN’, people perceive me in a certain light.

I am so thank-ful I get to share all with you.

I have so much more content to come – right now I have 10 incomplete posts JUST SITTING chilling waiting for me.

So keep watching this space for more.

For now thank you, thank you for the love, encouragement, likes, follows and support.

Thank you, to my contributors so far, the absolutely beautiful Shani ( who will be a regular guest ) Skye, Craig, Mel and all of my friends, who allow me to blog about our adventures.

Just one week sistas and we are back.

Much love

J x x x

PS always a PS, these dick heads ( upon return from Vietnam ) are getting married in SIX months. I actually feel sick with excitement writing that………..




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