We did a Juice Fast // Cleanse // Detox

Hey Friends,

How are you?

Well if you have ever wanted to do a juice cleanse, or if you have been intrigued at what actually happens, I will continue to bring the milkshakes to the yard. Haha I made a little joke, I HAVE HAD NO and I mean NO personality. So that was nice ūüôā

I started writing this post, three days into a four day juice cleanse, I may be a little of my writing game but hey lets go!

Mel and I decided to do this, pre bikini body/ wedding times, we both wanted to feel our best for the big day that is fast approaching.

Lets be honest I twisted Mel’s arm rather tight and got her on board. This is not my first time having done a cleanse BUT it will be my longest. So I will check back in tomorrow with how I am feeling.

We both chose different programs for different reasons – I went the hardcore option of low fruit, high vegge. Mel opted for the low fruit juice and soup. We both loved, that this particular service delivered to our doors and we were set for the big challenge ahead.

DISCLAIMER: You’re not supposed to drink ANY caffeine on a juice cleanse. Both Mel and I agreed to STOP this madness, and opt for one long black each day. We both work and need to somewhat be sharp, Mel also has a bub and needed to be ‘on’ for him. #sorryNOTsorry

So what did we want to tick off the list –

  • Bettering¬†our health;
  • Detoxing all the baddies out;
  • Improving¬†the quality of¬†our skin;
  • Showing some serious self-discipline and kicking some lady butt.

There were ups and downs, moments of happiness and moments of CRAZY irritability, so friends here is our thoughts, movements (not gross) and emotions all in one.

ONE MORE THING this is an interview STYLED blog.

I am the interviewer, interviewing myself. #jackofalltrates #lols


Day One

Did you exercise?

Jess –

Yes my usual F45 Morning class, it was a killer workout and I knew to push hard as I wouldn’t have the energy at the back end of the week.


Not unless you count walking to and from the station on the way to work. I was really glad I didn’t as I was so tired on the first day, and the advice is to take it really easy and I’m so glad I did!

What time did you caffeine?

Jess –

I held out as long as I could, I normally have two long black as day. I have been told this is a little extreme, I did cut back pre challenge to one long black just to test the waters. #isurvived

Mel –

I had half a long black at lunch time. #sorrynotsorry I have a toddler and I work, and oh I am one week away from leaving for my wedding so being totally un-caffinated wasn’t an option.

How did you feel by lunch time?

Jess –

Not so bad I felt rather good and ready to hit the rest of the day.

Mel –

Losing the will to live to be honest. Look a tad dramatic, but I was pretty hangry and a watery soup was a bit depressing to be faced with.

Ok lets chat about the taste thus far?

Jess –

I was enjoying it, so far it was refreshing and I didn’t feel hungry at all. I did however go a little crazy with food the night before. You know last chance get it all in! I was experiencing a little pain in my gallbladder, this is due to the fact I ate one too many dates the night before and body = hate.

Mel –¬†

I really enjoyed most of the juices, especially the green ones. But the soups. My lord, some were inedible if I’m being brutally honest.

Ok ladies, how did you feel by the night.

Jess –

ABSOLUTELY dead, I had a headache and ZERO personality. I had a bath and basically put myself to bed by six. Poor Craig had to deal with a non existent person. I knew my body was in detox but man it HURT. I did enjoy the heated up final drink of the night, plus the seeds as a treat. This became my most looked forward too part of the day.

Mel –

I felt exhausted and ill; headaches, nausea, chills. As soon as I put my son to bed I was ready to go myself! I woke up in the night freezing and feverish. I couldn’t believe it as I’m normally pretty healthy, so feeling like I was really detoxing was surprising.

How much water did you consume?

Jess –

At least four litres, I drink roughly three a day, I just couldn’t get enough.

Mel –

I would say about 2 litres a day, either room temperature or in the form of herbal teas


Jess –

Like a bay beeeee

Mel –¬†

Quite unsettled and woke up with a fever.


Day Two  

Did you exercise? 

Jess –

Yes, this was my ‘weights’ day – I did the best I could,¬†I think my trainers were slightly concerned with the level of activity¬†I was doing. I pushed through as best as¬†I could. #SORRYKIMLIVANDMOLLY

Mel –

Yes, I went to my weekly Barre class on day two, and I definitely didn’t feel my normal self. It was struggle town from start to finish and I was relieved when it was over.

How were you feeling by lunch?

Jess –¬†

So far so good, I learned from previous cleanses that I should drink one juice every twoish hours. This ensured that I would have my last one finished two hours before I went to bed times, so my routine happened very quickly. I enjoyed the taste of the fruits and veggies even more on the second day.

Mel –¬†

I felt a bit better than the first day, but unfortunately the soup was inedible. I had to go and buy another cold pressed juice in my lunch break because I was doing Barre, I really needed the calories

Did you coffee today?

Jess –

Yes a medium long black and it was liquid gold.

Mel –¬†

I had half a long back in the morning, and it was heaven.

How did you feel Physically by 5pm?

Jess –

SORE, I think this is because I worked out so my energy was zapped from that.

Mel –

I felt OK, pretty tired and I really noticed not being able to pick at food like I normally do when I get home and make my son dinner

Were you hungry at night?

Jess –

I wasn’t hungry, but once again I had no personalty and boy I think Craig was enjoying it.

Mel –¬†

I was a bit peckish, but not desperately hungry.

Did you experience any weird symptoms?

Jess –

No not really, I just started to feel light and great. I did start to breakout a little on my chin #sexyas

Mel –¬†

On and off a bit of nausea, it felt like I had morning sickness again!


Day Three

How does your skin look today?

Jess –

Its god dam glowing, I mean really quite lovely.

Mel –

Pretty good, I had a facial today as well which definitely helped the glow factor

Did you exercise?

Jess –

Yes if you call it exercise, I mean I was physically in the room. Did I sweat? No not a drop. Did it kill me for the rest of the day? YUP.

Mel –

I went for a brisk 45 minute walk with hills.  And running around after a one year old. That was enough.

By this stage do you think your body was used to not eating?

Jess –

Yes, I was used to my juices and was craving the vegges (crazy I know )

Mel –

I love food so much so I don’t think my body will ever be used to not eating! That said, it was coping quite well and I didn’t kill my husband, so I felt like that was a win.

Did you have any cravings?

Jess –

Not really, my body was in a routine and she was somewhat happy.

Mel –

Ok time for some real talk. I was really struggling on this day. I was at home with the little one which requires A LOT of energy. So I caved a little bit and ate some banana and a few pieces of roast veggies. It felt great, my energy increased instantly! I still ate the soups and drank the juices so I felt like I was still cleansing so to speak, just not fasting anymore.

How did you feel that evening?

Jess –¬†

Better then previous nights, I also did a crazy thing and ordered one more days worth. #yesIamthatperson.

Mel –

So relieved it was almost over. I was really ready to eat normally again. I did feel light and less bloated which was good but dayummn I was ready to join the normal world once more.


Day Four 

Overall day four was hard, my body was tired and I really was getting bored of just juice. The good news is I did it, I girl bossed the shiz out if it. I did overeat a lot of seeds at night, it was what my body wanted and it hurt a little.

My skin by the end of day four was silky smooth, I was rather tired by the end but mainly due to boredom. I did exercise in the morning, this was a weights based class. I pushed a little harder – but no where near the same as what I normally do. Not being able to get my ‘normal’ workout in was by far the hardest part mentally.

I was insanely jealous of Mel being able to eat, Instagram became a bit much as I follow a lot of food bloggers. I am positive I was a ratty mole to Craig, throughout this experience #sorrybunny

The bottom line is I did it! YES I had one coffee and Yes it was amazing. The final night was also my best deepest sleep of the whole journey, like a little lamb.


Post Cleanse

Post Cleanse Mel –¬†

I was a bit disappointed in myself for not following the cleanse by the letter, but I was happy that I had filled my body with so many nutrients and had broken the cycle of picking at food and mindless eating. My skin looked and felt great, my clothes felt a little looser and I did feel quite energised once it was done.

I tried to eat mostly fruit and vegetables on the first day post cleanse. I had half a hot cross bun and my body was instantly HATING me for it. They recommend you eat lightly on the first couple of days so that was a bit of a fail on my part and I learned my lesson.

Post cleanse Jess –¬†

I felt so good after I completed my cleanse,  I did a KX Pilates class on the Good Friday morning but I was ready for some solid food. I stuck to a vegetarian diet for the first couple of meals, I introduced a little bit of salmon for dinner.

After finishing the cleanse I  went back to my regular healthy diet. I 100% definitely felt cleaner and had a sense of accomplishment.

Cleansing gives your body a rest from digestion. Our bodies are used to breaking down and digesting food all day. It’s nice to give your body a break by only consuming nutrient-rich fluids.

PS, I have a sweet tooth and I have to say the craving thus far have basically gone!!

Overall, my juice cleanse was a positive experience. I wont do four days again, however believe that cleansing for THREE days is more then enough. I would not suggest doing a longer cleanse because, your body goes into starvation mode after about four days.

FINAL PS – this was never for weight loss – I don’t weigh myself, however I did look at myself and felt leaner!!

Final Question 

Would you do it again?

Jess –

Yes I am doing another THREE day before we go #SORRYCRAIG

Mel –

I wouldn’t do three days again as that was obviously too much for me to handle with my busy lifestyle, but one or two days is doable and something I would try again.

Images РAll Via Pinterest 

Look at our skin, so glowy, dewy, fresh and young. Some would say we are looking so youthful, fabulous and wrinkle free.


I told another joke with zero personally #gome


If you have any questions, or want to know more about the exact¬†cleanse we did. Get in touch happy to answer all of you’re questions.




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