A Hens/Bachelorette Party


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My Darlings,

In a few very short weeks, our Beautiful girl will be Mrs. Galland.

( Wait she already is, this is a different story)

Hey Melli, shout out to you – you may want to do a blog post about this situation. #Itsagoodie.

I wanted to share with you, my friends – some very small details, of the hens party we organised for our bebe. You may, be planning one in the near future for yourself or your bestie. #alwaysheretohelp

*Side note, I wont be including every last detail as “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”.

To note, for those playing at home. Our Henny, really had no requirements per-say or requests. Mel wanted, to dress up at some point, enjoy her day and have her closest friends by her side.

Oh and NO flower crowns in sight!!

With this in mind, Steph and I were pretty quick to make a decision of what the weekend would entail.

  • Away
  • Winery
  • Bus to and from away house
  • Dinner Party
  • Cocktails
  • Dress up
  • Dancing

To my love Steph,

This weekend would never have happened without you, hand in hand we nailed it. What would I do without you. You helped me through the times when dear perfectionist Jess came out.

Thank you, for being you.

So Ladies and Gents,

I present you a Hens to “remember”.

Book In A Treat

Oh yes, book in hair and makeup for your GAL.  This is such a special time, especially for you Mumma bears out there. If your lucky you can get your make up did too. #OFCOURSEIDID

Mel was able to relax and feel beautiful thanks to our friends at Victoria Jade. She looked beyond amazing and felt incredible, a luxury for our Henny. Ps this made life easy with time management as we didn’t need to factor in doing said face and said hair. #winning #alwaysthinkingabouttime

Get Away

If you can, organise a weekend away together with the girls and your gusband.  A trip out of  the city is a MUST, however it does depend on what everyone in attendance can afford ( we absolutely had budgets as number one priority and kept this in mind, every step of the way ) We opted for one night away down the coast.  We could not have asked for a more beautiful, spot by the water. We really did want Mel – to have the opportunity, to have fun and relax. Hence the night away. Plus a free night away from the hubbies slash man friends = BLISS #sorryboys #sorrynolinks #yaknowprivacyandall

Mixing up the scene and going on a ‘mini adventure’ definitely makes it all the more exciting. Especially when our Hen had no idea of where we were going. We kept her guessing the whole trip up, or is it down?  We also got to LOL a hell of a lot. There is nothing better, then pilling the car up full of wine SLASH food and having your best humans giggle beside you.

Even more so when YOU enter the WRONG house, the look on our Hens face when she thought we had booked a farm…..#amazing #accommodation #pricelessmemories #ISTHISTRESPASSING

Have A Theme

Our little Henny is marring/married to a French lad, so we surprised her with a dress up French theme. We decorated the house and made a photo booth all in a nod to France and her new hubby to be. #toatstouching

Every single one of us had a touch of French, from red lips, to stripes, to scarfs around our necks. Best on ground goes to Tiffany who really looked like she had stepped out of the Moulin Rouge.

Each of us dressed up, rocked some heels and made the day slash night so much fun. With added spunk, love and care it all about those details. Mel wanted to be able to dress up and that we did.  Side note you will see in the photos below just how beautiful our girl looked.

I of course made everyone have TWO outfits, one for the day time lunch at a winery. Then one for the night time of fun, see you need different get ups for the themes!

Our lunch was at a beautiful winery that could have been at a French Vineyard. We ate delicious food and drank in a wonderful al fresco setting. It could not have been more spectacular. #feltlikefrance

Its the little details that matter and our girl was touched by the effort of everyone.

*Side note for those with allergies this place was beyond amazing and caters to all!!

Keep It Personal

Have your Hen pick her best friends in the world, instead of trying to mix different groups of friends. Keeping things intimate allows your Henny to spend quality time with each person. We were able, to share all of our incredible memories that we had with Mel. We all felt at ease, knowing our best friends were all in the room. The raw of laughter from everyone, was what made it so special. For me, this goes down as my precious moments. We don’t get together enough these days, so straight to the memory bank and heart strings. #busylives

Be A Little Crazy

This is a hens party, it doesn’t matter how old you are, what you do, if your a Mumma bear, ( like our Hen) … Get ready to act like a crazy teenager again and love it. Yes there were plastic ding dong straws, an over the top sash and a crown with a veil. There were a few silly games and fun drawings, just remember to keep it fun, light and silly this only happens once. #tothatspecfichen

Well friends there you have it, a weekend of fun with out best friends. I would love to hear your stories of Hens days and nights. I know a few girls who need to plan one for a certain bride to be soon.

To our Bride, we can not wait to see you walk down the aisle.

You will be simply breathtaking.

We love you.



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