A Friendly Experience

Oh Heyyyyyyyyyyyy Babes,

In honour, of my Beautiful friend for her birthday – I wanted to share something she wrote.

I encourage all women to support one another and to be real to themselves always.

Skye wrote this from a pure place and I know it has helped her to see the beauty in herself and her body.

Skye initially wrote this for me, I was flawed beyond comprehension. We as a team decided to share this post, as we think all ladies and men can resonate with the words. PLUS this blog is all about being real, I encourage more of it every day.

I hope this inspires you in some way, makes you feel the feels and above all helps to see the beauty in you.

To my Darling Skye, Thank-you for being brave, honest, raw and real.

Thank you for your incediable words.

Happy Birthday

I love you


“Shopping: a priceless experience”

To my Jessie – May and her Friends,
I had the pleasure of having my own personal styling session with Ms J Mae but little does she know, it meant so much more to me.
I’m not  very good with expressing my feelings so openly but I felt it was important to share this with her and her wonderful followers. In the words of Jessica Mae- this is going to get #RAW…
Let’s start at the beginning…
I was casually chatting to my lovely friend Jessica Mae one day about how I was on the hunt for a new outfit for my upcoming birthday (because you NEED to feel good when you’re single and turning 32…yikes!).
Miss J suggested she take me out and do her thang – style me! What more could I want? I love fashion, I love shopping and I love spending time with one of my BFFs. I jumped at the chance. Our session started with a coffee and a chat about what I was looking for and what I wanted from the session.
Now I’ve always thought I was quite fashionable and knew everything I needed to know…. but I found myself asking questions and hanging off Miss J’s words- she knows her stuff…. and she certainly didn’t prove me wrong! Not only did we shop, but I learnt some tips and fancy tricks and left the day, not only with a purchase, but also with greater knowledge about good fashion.
Now comes the #RAW stuff… Leading up to our styling session, I was naturally excited- excited to be spending a day with my friend, an expert in the field, but also naturally excited to be buying clothes (shopping addict here).
BUT as I was driving to the Fashion Capital this morning…. anxiety struck me. *Deep breath*…Here we go… you see, I am a verified control freak – I NEVER go shopping with others; I always prefer to go alone, being in control of where I go, what I look at and what I buy. I am not good at trusting others.
The thought of spending a day with someone styling ME scared the HELL out of me! It is like that game you play on school camps where you have to fall backwards into a group who will (hopefully) catch you.
Putting myself 100% in the hands of someone else felt like this game to me… and I was never good at it at school. Growing up, I had severe anxiety and hate for my body… so much so I suffered from a horrible eating disorder for a number of years. I kept it hidden pretty well but it was a fairly traumatic time in my life (I’m feeling emotional writing this).
While I’ve certainly overcome it and have a healthy relationship with food these days, those little demons in your head do still pop up from time to time – “you’re ugly” “you’re fat” “you could never look good in that”.
I’m sure we’ve all dealt with those demons before and I’m certainly good at punching them these days BUT as I was driving to my styling session today, I was faced with trying to punch those bloody demons away while, at the same time, falling backwards into a crowd – you try punching a target while you’re falling- it’s tough!
What I mean by all of this is I was scared- I love my friend and I know she would never insult me or hurt my feelings but I was putting myself completely out of my comfort zone and leaving the control in someone else’s hands.
“What if I can’t explain what I want to Jess?” “Will she judge me for what shops I want to go to or what I want to buy?” “Will she think I’m cheap?” and “will she think I’m fat or ugly?”…. I’m a high achiever and am always striving for perfection. We are our own harshest critics though.
Well I can honestly tell you – like many fears – they never come true. As I said- I’m not good at trusting people but I put my trust in Jess and she showed me that I can trust her.
She not only showed me some great shops and statement pieces but also made me feel confident in feeling ok to try things on and most importantly, items I would never have considered before because of those stupid demons. She made me feel beautiful and backed it up with words of encouragement. I put 100% of my trust in her and she did not disappoint me.
So as you see, regardless of whether I bought something today or not, I gained much more – Jess unknowingly helped me to prove to myself that I could face my fears and continue to grow, even as I 30 yr old woman.
I left today’s session unexpectedly enlightened and I learnt a new skill – to punch a target while falling backwards. Not only was today a wonderful experience for my physical self, but also my mental self.
Thanks Jessica Mae

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