Rads, Raddles, Radelaide ( Barossa )

Fact Time;

Craig and I lived in Adelaide for two and a half years.

It was THE best two and a half years of our lives.

*I originally had “MY life” above – I am working on the OUR lives bit #alwayshonest

We both worked BLOODY hard, partied maybe a little harder and met some of the. Best. Humans. Known. To. Man. These friends will remain in our lifes forever and ever.

Adelaide, STILL gets a pretty bad wrap. Take it from me its the most amazing place. Full of culture, diversity, fashion, art, food and of course wine.

Put it this way, thank goodness my allergy to dairy didn’t come on until we moved to Sydney. ( Stress related #loveitnot)

Both Craig, and I rolled out of Adelaide the size of a large cheese wheel, with muffin tops and extra padding.

Yup, we were both our heaviest……… but you know what, our happiest!

*I had to share this one below – for all of you that watched him on a certain 7pm program. One of the nicest men you will meet. Perks of Craig’s Job 🙂 Thank you come again.432278_275440925855280_2143681474_n.jpg

Craig and I were both craving a weekend in the Barossa – we have a thing for wineries and bikes, its just “our thing” and no I haven’t attempted in it heels.

So this WAS our plan:

Drive over on Australia Day, listen to the countdown, see our friends for a fleeting minute, get up, then head to the VINE all the VINE.


It truly is the most magical place, you honestly feel like you could be anywhere in the world. Some of the most insane red wines are coming right out of own back yards. HASHTAG so proud of Australia.

So instead of banging on about WHY its so good – I am going to present you with a perfectly planned weekend away to the Barossa.

Including our top three wineries.


*Side note this fully planned holiday is just EXACLTY what Craig and I did.



Well your options are pretty endless, from the Novotel ( Luxe ) Bed and Breakfasts ( Always a delight ) Airbnbs ( Standard )  Cabins ( Cozy )  and Camping…. if that’s yo thanng, DEF not mine.

However, if you want to live like a local carry on reading………

We stayed at the BEST place we could have ever asked for.  It was a tiny little cottage on a beautiful farm, with animals, a private oasis and balcony for #WINETIME, a pool and endless amounts space.

We absolutely fall in love with Kay and Mads our wonderful hosts. The most gorgeous couple, who really gave us the local knowledge and loads of laughs.

Craig and I were supposed to go out for a glory Saturday night dinner, instead we enjoyed wine and nibbles with our new found friends. That’s how crazy wonderful they are, less then 24 hours after meeting were were #besties.

Plus, who doesn’t love drinking ALL THE RED WINE that you purchased that day, with friends………

Kay and Mads if your reading this ( we still would like you to adopt us )

The house is here – 

Book it and PLEASE tell Mads and Kay we say heyyyyyy


Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 6.23.47 pm.png

Getting Around 

Craig and I LOVE to hit up most wineries via a bike – yup even little ol high maintenance me enjoys a bike. I suggest you ALWAYS ditch the car and find an alternative way of transport, way less stress and trust me way more fun.

This was to be the plan all along until SOUTH Australia decided to crack 40 DEGREES. So sweaty asses was NOT an option, plus it meant I could rock some wedges ( always thinking fashun first )

The FANTASTIC news was Craig found the BEST hop on hop off bus service, that, provided air con and somewhere to place our purchases. For those playing at home that is ALL THE WINE.

Best bit, it was SUPER budget friendly and the company on board was even better.

Troy our driver was such a gentlemen, even when the Collingwood came out in me by the end of the day. *Jess when she has had a few, can turn a little BO-GAANNN and by bogan I mean a little sweary.

Troy operates all day (10am-4PM) So pre TWELVE PM drinking is absolutely accepted.

If you want to see ALL FIVE wineries on his tour route you can do just that!

Ps all of the wineries that are on the route, are ABSOLUTELY worth vising. If you can PLEASE get to Maggie Beer Farm Shop its worth a peek and purchase.

Hop On Hop off bus here – 

Route here – 





Wineries the best part of the Barossa. OVI, we attended more then one so this is going to be HARD. To keep you on board I am going to present my top three wineries- its a tough one but someone’s got to win right!

You’re Morning will start here –

Turkey Flat Winery

Image result for turkey flat winery


Because Turkey Flat have some of the oldest vineyards in the Barossa. A rather spectacular range of wines to try and some interesting stories about the RED WALLS.

A great starting point, have a tasting and enjoy the beautiful gardens.

All that is needed is a cheese plate or two, your bottle you just purchased and a spot in the Sunshine #bliss


  • The Rose ( Start here I say )
  • The Grenash ( ZOMG the best ) ( 2015 )
  • And of COURSE the Shiraz ( 2014 )


  • 15871654_1176540242382364_1090659178105947558_n.jpg



Next up



Holy hell CHLOE is everything.

*Chloe is the Baben Miss that helped us through the tastings.

I somehow hope she reads this and knows that, BOTH Craig and I were fighting for her affection.

She was some lady that knew a lot about her wine.

The best part of going to cellar doors is learning about someone, you may have never crossed paths with. Not only do we BOTH love learning about zee wine, we LOVE learning about the winery and the humans behind said winery.

Chloe was the Young Barossa Ambassador of the year for (2015), along with being the coordinator. Chloe educated Craig and I and we hung off her every word. Above all she was, well beyond her 23 years and a NICE human inside and out.

She alone made our time at Lindsay something special, plus the added value of having to choose a song out of 2500 records was a little epic.

Don’t even get me started on the best drop of red wine I HAVE EVER TRIED.Just wheel the cases in why don’t you.


This is the type of winery to enjoy with friends, or your bestie ( like we did ) Have a few bottles, soak up the sunshine, tunes and toasted sandwiches.

*Yes did I forget to mention the toasted sandwiches.

Chloe if you are by some chance reading this PICK ME please pick me.


Lastly the glory that is:

Artisans of Barossa

This place is actually the best place to end on, especially after a solid day of drinking and tasting wine.

In terms of food zoh my god I dig it, mouth watering writing this.

I dig it because I have a HARDCORE allergies, when Craig whispered my issues to the waitress –  there was no fuss no questions just let us help you #MYANGEL #IMTALKINGABOUTTHEGAL.

We devoured and SHARED food, something that NEVER happens in our world.We drank the most scrumptious wines that were paired quite perfectly, with our meals.

The lawns are immaculate.

The food is beyond.

The view is just second to none.

The service was PERFECTION.

You could, indeed spend hours on the beanbags or suit up for a fancayyyy lunch.


At the Harvest Kitchen, try the ‘Feed me like a Barossan’ MAKE SURE YOU BOOK.


  • 2015 Schwarz Wine Co. ‘Meta’ ( Granash )
  • 2013 Sons Of Eden ‘Pumpa’ ( Temprenillo )
  • 2015 Hobbs ‘Tin Lids’ ( Shiraz Cabernet )11130145_417405411762497_8485274847421515085_n.jpg


So there you are friends our top three wineries, honestly that incredibly HARD.

Please get out and discover the boutique wineries, the big guys are well and truly covered.

IF you cant get to these particualr ones, without question VISIT: Hently Farm, Two Hands and Torbreck. #thatisallimgivingyou

We took NO photos, I mean RED WINE…………..

Here is some of what we did take. #imeankillingit



Get out and explore the Barossa, go over Easter, go now, YES RIGHT NOW.  While your at it go and check out ADELAIDE.

Tell me about your fave wine, maybe we can share stories, over a glass or two.

Adelaide friends I KNOW I YOU SURLY have a million other wineries to head to, hit me up next visit.

Happy Booking Times Friends.

As always you can get in touch via email –


J  xx




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