Thirty things, I have learned in Thirty years.

Hello and FIRSTLY,


I love being a lady. I love having lady lumps. I love that I strive day in and day out to be a STRONG, independent, lady boss.

I want to take the time to say a massive thank-you to ALL the wonderful, inspirational, clever, strong, multi tasking, women in my life.

Thank you for being you.

Also boobs are GOD damm great.

This goes out to all the wonderful people that have touched my life in someway. May this list inspire you, make you laugh, question yourself, or enable you to move forward.

Whatever it may be, I am here to hopefully make you smile.

I give you T-H-I-R-T-Y things – I J.Round have learnt thus far.

(Ok once I wrote this and had a good think, its become more like 40 things)

PS Miss YOUNG Jessie Round, Listen to a few of the tips below.

1. Be a nice human, it doesn’t cost a cent. If you can make someone smile for a fleeting minute, then your day and theirs can change completely.

2. Things to do every day: Moisturise and serum, tell your babe you love him, say thank -you.  Drink water, text your friends, call your Mum, smile, reduce social media time. Show gratitude for everything, it makes you feel fantastic and it shows the universe you are thankful for every. single. opportunity.

3. Two girls ( twins apparently )  wearing T- Bar shoes will walk up to you in year seven. Be calm, please be calm, you believe they are the coolest chicks in school. They will be your best friends for life and your bridesmaids. It was love at first sight from all of you, and yes you will copy them and get T-Bar shoes.

4. Don’t lie to your mum she’s onto you ( yes 15 year old Jess ) and today Jess.

5. The first boy you ever loved, I mean really loved, your first *wink wink, will break your little pure heart. It will hurt and it will hurt so hard. Sadly your dreams of marring this man and having his children, will be shattered. The fantastic news is,  you my dear will come out a much stronger woman. This will be your first lesson in becoming the loving independent woman you are. #hesstillababe

6.Get up every morning and do some type of physical/mental exercise. This will start your day positive and enable you to tackle whatever the day brings.

7. Girls will break your heart harder than any man can, you will loose a few woman in your life for the better. #sticksandstones

8. Smoking cigarettes is the stupidest thing you ever did try.

9. When your Mumma develops Cancer, you realise what a powerful woman she is. Not only to beat it, but to beat it with grace and dignity.

10. You will break one boys heart and really break it, know that he ends up A-ok and it was never meant to be.

11. Your body will collapse at age 29 from stress, exhaustion and being incredibly under weight. Take stock of what you did wrong, listen to it, slow down, stop being everything for everyone else, listen to YOU.  YOUR body is your temple, you hope to house babies in it one day. So STOP. This is also including your mind Missy.


13. Your boobs eventually give in to gravity, but you love this a lot.

14. Kissing a few girls in university – does not make you a lesbian. #thisismyfave

15. STOP thinking about what others think of you, they don’t actually care. You Jess Round are your harshest critic, practice self love every single day.

16. A young girl will come into your life and you will hate her. Be kind, this girl will become your best friend and soul mate. She is also an incredible woman, confident and mother, you have a LOT more to learn from her.


17. “Every rose has a thorn” A beautiful woman, who you work with at Sporty G Unit, will tell you this in 2007. It will never ever leave you.  You will be sucked into a “thorn relationship”, where you both are addicted to the toxic drama of it all.  You and he will treat each other poorly, for some reason you continue to chase him, including a trip halfway around the world. You wont change him. He will never love you, like you loved him. He will HOWEVER teach you valuable lesson of self-worth. Thank him. Tell him you are sorry. PS he is a beautiful man and you wish him nothing but love and success.

18. You will live with your parents at age 30; you and C will LOVE it. They are the best roomies you could ask for. You often describe it as living with Monica and Chandler but only older and wiser, oh and blood related.

19. Your VERY first crush in primary school,  is STILL a mega babe and will always be. #heknowswhoheis

20. You will learn, It’s hard for a Dad to know what to do with a daughter. Go easy on him.

21. The blue eyed-boy, who you thought was a massive creep when you met, will become your husband. Listen very closely to Steph’s words. She knew from the moment you met, that he was the one.

22. Start investment shopping it serves a purpose, your mother always knows best. – Don’t buy junk you believe in quality, longevity and AUSTRALIAN designers.

23. Call your brother, not often but call him.

24. Nothing comes easy. Full stop.

25. You end up living in Adelaide, you will fall hard for a bunch of girls. A little bit of love at first sight (Kath and Jules, Im looking at you both) they become forever friends. You understand that women, can gather soul mates later on in life. They will make you proud every. single. day. They have inspired you to do what you are currently doing.


26. Your insanely organised, this is a fantastic thing. Know others are not. Do not try and change them. FOR that matter don’t try and change anyone – everyone has their own journey. That friend that wont leave her awful boyfriend, know it is her path to figure out, you need to shake it off gurl.

27. Listen to your gut it is ALWAYS right.

28. You enjoy, being different to everyone else. That’s who you are don’t get upset when one of your friends, takes on some your habits. Its flattering.

29. Do. not. mix. alcohol. It will give you the most epic, of epic hang overs. For that matter it is OK to not drink, in time you will notice it doesn’t agree with you.

30. Being single is GOD damm fabulous, embrace every second of it. Also live vicariously through your,single friends, dating is the best fun. Remind your single friends more then once, that you still enjoy a rocking Dee.( S,S and L, whenever you want lets go out )

31. Everybody is different. Just because you don’t like the same things, as some of your friends, take enjoyment in what they love and vise versa.

32. Nobody gives a shit if you go to the party or not.

33. Investing in a pair of super expensive heels is for you and you only. Your inner single lady is so proud of you. You will also be doing it for your wedding, Oh hey Craig.

34. Any beauty treatment you do, tanning, laser, brows, facials, whatever. You do this for you, never. ever. ever. for a man. Even the one you marry. You learn very early on that you like grooming, its your thing and it makes you happy. You also know that you tan, for other woman and not men. You also have a MAD girl crush on your tanner. #sorryjordan


35. You are a sensitive soul, you can have four emotions in the space of a minute ( kind of like Melbourne weather ) – Embrace it its who you are.

36. Summer flings are good time fun – just don’t fall in love with him girlfriend. Reason why, summer flings are that. Full Stop.

37. Your sister is your equal opposite, she is also not a baby. Learn to allow her to have her own wings. She will and can make her own mistakes, she is NOT you’re CHILD.


38. The loves of your life are female – Never ever, ever choose a man over your girls. Side note you never did (MAYBE with the very first, but you were 16) – This is a nod to the babes out there, who choose their guys over girls. Girlfriends are too important cherish it!


39. SHIT this is a big RAW one. Love your body, stop body bashing yourself and stop trying to be skinny. It makes you sad, moody, grey and angry. You have to realise, no one actually gives a shit what size you are. No one cares if your thighs have gained weight, since you lost a ridiculous, unhealthy, amount of weight. You are a good human; people rely on you, people come to you at times of need. Your people love you for that, not the way you look. Love your body as much as you love Craig, your family and friends.

40. A great black blazer will never ever go out of style. #thankyoucamillandmarc

41. Hindsight is 20/20. Obsessing over what you could have done differently is silly. Who you hurt, how you hurt, situations that could be different. One day the pieces will fall into place and your dark past will be your greatest gift.

42. On the 7th of March 2017, you will rock up to a primary school. Dressed as a fairy and know that you are in the exact place your supposed to be. Trust that everything happens for a reason.

Big love friends, that was a rather RAW one.

If you have any tips – you know how to reach me.

I would love to hear about your journeys.

Oh 43. 43.

Lover the Label Shirt pockets, are a great place to hold your drinks.





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