A Minimalist Kini

Hey Friends/Babes/Ladies/Dudes,

SOOOOOOOOOOO welcome if this is your first time –

To Note immeditley, I pride myself on my honesty and today’s post was thought about in the shower – THIS. MORNING. #sorry

I have pre written the most raw, heartfelt post BUT its simply not ready, so this essentially is a hook for you for next week. #gotcha ( Craig you taught me well on -how to hook people to the next break) #radiochat

In the meantime I am on the hunt for a no frill, simple, basic, clean, modern, kini for my Beautiful Bride Mel’s( she has been mentioned before ) Wedding – we are off to Vietnam and I cant bloody WAIT. #yallknowtherewillbeablog

So being an EX Buyer for a swimwear giant ( no guesses who it was ) one would assume I would be hoarding some EPIC swimwear……………

Well guess what this little Melbourne gal aint!!

Look don’t get me wrong – I was so very fortunate to be gifted by some incredible companies, I do HAVE swimmers just not what I would choose to wear…….PERIOD. #WAYHARSHTAI

At the end of the day I don’t really get out and swim, nor do I parade around in my kini by a pool with heels on. FUN FACT I had plenty of customers that enjoyed doing just that……………. yah!

#NoIdidn’ttakeadvanceofSydneybeaches #YesIknowIhaveissues #NoIhavenoregrets.

Well why you may ask – Here’s a quick look into my head space……………

And go.

A. I have boobs and I have always found anything with a remote padding, fixing ( like a fixed tri ) or sculptured of any description to be just plain wrong, on me.

B. I look awful in frills, prints or anything that can make my bust look bigger. For example a top that has a wider strap for ‘support’ or an underwire with a frill, or if it appears remotely wider under the bust, with extra fabric for NO REASON – Can. catch. me. later.

C. I have a severe fear of actually being in said bikini.

D. My butt is smaller then my boobs – meaning I have to always buy different sizes ( like most babes) #justannoying

E. Yes the fear is INSANE but ekkk lets be really real – I have never really liked my body or the way it looks in a Kini. Yes I am too hard on myself, Yes this is the first time I’m admitting this in a public space. Sorry to my friends that are reading this and yelling JESS your loco #workingonit

So with big boobs, no confidence and a fear of anyone seeing me in a bikini, lets try and find FIVE MINIMAL kinis that will work for anybody!

I have your backs guys, as much as I know you have mine.

Now lets go shopping,



Fella ohh Fella, a Sydney based label who I think have nailed the sophisticated, high fashion, minimal look . One of my personal favourites and lets be honest the top runner for my purchase.

LOVE everything about this brand – The styles, the fabrics, the price point, the mix and match, I mean have a play!!

You can check them out here –

The top I love – 

The bottom I love – 

Lennox Top | WhiteJasper Bonded Bottom | White

Jasper Bonded Bottom | WhiteLennox Top | White


SKYE and Staghorn

I was not even considering PINK in this post slash what I need In my life, however I just came across this baby. Zee perfect pink for the not so girly gal, the perfect HEW some would say. I HEART this top as it has everything I/we need, thin straps, zero shaping, seam free and the PP is well under budget ( for me ) TICK, TICK, TICK.

These guys are a Perth based brand who are stocked internationally –  I mean sooo cool.

I am all about supporting Australian designers and these guys are absolutely one to watch!!

SKYE and Staghorn here –

The Top –


The Bottom I am feeling is not the matching colour or texture which I really enjoy – No black or white in sight – Someone check my temperature, did I just do a dad joke? Yep I did #yourmate

Bot Bot – #haha




Frankie Swim

Frankie Swim, Yes Yes and YES – everything of our DREAMS. Aussie brand, one designer, KILLING IT. This top is super minimal, zero padding, its double lined so less nipple ya know. Call me crazy but I would absolutely wear this as a bra with my NEW TEE –  I mean this is the answer to the LBB ( Little Black Bikini) need I say more!!


Frankie here –

Top – 

Pant – 

Darling Bralette


This girl cant get by without doing a ZIMMY post, so this tri in animal IS everythang ( I LOVE ANYTHING IN ANIMAL)

A slide tri meaning no padding, easy to adjust and BEST BIT……….DRUM ROLL…………….ITS ON SALE!!!!!!!

I mean can I get a HIGH FIVE ladies and gentlemen.

We can absolutely put this back with a black or white bottom and kill it, I wouldn’t go the matchy match but that’s me personally. If you want to rock the full match you have my LOVE so


Ok here and in other colours.


Zimmermann Separates Triangle Bra. Model Image.   Our model is 5 10 and is wearing a size 0 Zimmermann Separates Triangle Bra. Model Image.   Our model is 5 10 and is wearing a size 0



The grand finale my friends –

I present the brand Matteau sleek, clean, subtle, modern, uncomplicated, minimal the aesthetic I have been looking for. Designed in Sydney and New York this cool brand is made in Australia.

My pick is the Tri crop top in black here –

Back with the petite brief here –




Well there we go my friends, we did it and we didn’t even need to see a change room!!

We now have the BEST of the BEST minimal swimwear a gal can offer in one post. If you know of any other minimal Aussie brands that haven’t been mentioned, ZOMG hit me up!!

I will be sure to let you know what I go with via instagram!!!

As per our conversations well my conversations please get in contact j.round86@gmail.com and if you do purchase any of these babies do let me know.

Have a beautiful weekend – love to all…………

PS there is always a PS

Thank you for the support thus far, its a little bit crazy how many of you are actually reading this AND not just my family and Friends, who I make to read it against their wills.


PPS Craig if your reading this, which one do you like? Rather then me shoving my phone in your face can you just tell me.

Thank you come again

J xx


Brigitte Bardot, circa 1960:



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