Yes you need these in your life.

Hello My Friends,

Happy Weekend Times –

So guess what this post is going to be super quick ( UNLIKE ME )

I am basically going to change your life.


Ok maybe not but I will enhance it.

Ok so forget the “I need a new body” because its a new year crud, I am going to give you FIVE items that you need in your life – as of this moment. Lets call it an up lifter!!

I mean I tell ya what – I just bring you the goods and if these babies give you some sunshine and happiness only for a fleeting minute, then my job here is done.

Let us begin,

You need ONE piece of this bare shoulder trend.

Street Style | Architect's Fashion:

Image via Pinterest

You. have. to. do. it. as she isn’t going anywhere anytime soon – even more so now with an added ruffle, yup ruffles are back and rather large.

This MLM top is perfect for an on trend off the shoulder piece, I should know as I recently  purchased it and she’s a winner. DONT TELL CRAIG, you can get her, HERE oh and she comes in a number of colors so loads to choose from. Add a little sexy off the shoulder to your life.



PP here –

Off the Shoulder Blouse, NAVY ECLIPSE

Exxy here –



A FANCY pants Cap


The Wayside Cap by C&M CAMILLA AND MARC:

Oh my goodness this cap, I mean a certain WOOOMANNNNN has been spotted in caps recently, I am loathed to say SHE may have picked this trend up of the ground. But whatever lets just roll with it, get it here. Add something a little different to your next get up,  or ya know when your doing active stuff in your active wear chuck her on!


The printed TEE is back and with a vengeance, I cant get enough of them add her to any pair of denims and your out off her. Dress her up or down by adding a eff. off. rad accessory or just rock it with a pair of cons.

I am OBSESSED, I am currently sitting in my CK tee and I am going to insta story it RIGHT NOW and it wont make sense to anyone, until you read this………..

Branded here – 

Naughty here –

Rolling Stones 'Steel Wheels 1989 Tour' T Shirt

Here – 


EVEN MORE NAUGHTY – don’t say I didn’t warn you

AC/DC Back in Black Concert T-Shirt

THE Wide Tube Belt

So this little trend is making some noise (more so in the form of leather) all the “IT” peeps are wearing them back with a plain Tee. These little babies are super CUTE and not so in your face, I mean unless you call freeing the nipple not in your face then I’m all in. Freeing thy nipple, the less bra I have to wear the better. Style it with a white Tee your best denim, a bangle, or some in your face earrings,  your new BLACK pumps and your off. I need this in my life TODAY.

Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 4.27.31 pm.png


Witchey –


Here –


Here –

A Denim Jacket

Spotted everywhere and by everywhere I mean everywhere, only this time with a twist. Oversized denim jackets work with just about any outfit, including denim on denim if your brave enough. Embroidery is making a huge wave ( even for brides ) Should I do it, wear an over sized denim jacket with ma dress………. I mean maybe……..Add your initials onto the sleeve, on the back, cut of the collar, get a funky style or go the plain oversized.



Here –


Here –

Oversized Denim Jacket Havoc Street

Here – 

In the words of a brand – Just do it!!

Happy weekend and that – now go shopping and get in touch if y’all need me.

She Out.


Image Via Hello May




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