Beauty HACK

Today’s post comes from no one but yours truly, I got your back babes, I got your back.

Yep this beauty hack you’re going to love – it’s a well-kept secret and its time to share my thoughts with YOU and YOU and YOU and YOU.


I am 30 years old,  it’s so hard to believe it but I J.Round am a living, breathing, 3o year old lady girl – or for those playing at home Woman.

My skin aint what it used to be sista – oh and my two lady blobs, basically reach my knees (we can go into this at another time) #rememberthisisreal.

Hitting this big milestone lead me to, TWO things – the first a mini break down, a mid-life crisis, and an anxiety ridden week. I say week – I feel others would say longer, these are my words and well “they” are not here so #sufferinyourjocks.

Lets be fair for those about to hit the BIG 30 – here’s the best advice your ever to receive…………..

NOTHING changes you are now 30, you wake up and that is it.

DAMMIT I can’t claim this advice either – another Olivia this time a gym one, gave me this advice and shit yeah SHE ( In the words of Harvey Spector ) was GOD DAMM right.

Side note if you don’t know whom Harvey Spector is, you surely know who Price Harry’s Girlfriend is……….So start watching the show she is in, once again you are welcome –  thank you come again.

So if you do feel like you could have a panic attack over the impending age – I got ya back and so does Liv.

The second was oh SHIT balls my skin needs work – 

Let’s be frank I have always tried to take care of my skin, when I have some cash dollar I try to get a facial – I wash my face day and night (ok maybeeeeee not every night, but this is what we tell our beautician cos dem ladies be scary) *Jess if your reading this, yes you are.

Every single day from as far back as I can remember – I inhale at least three litres of water, I also squeeze half a lemon into said water. It’s rather tasty and great for your insides slash the skin so your outsides.

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 9.49.07 pm.png


I have ALWAYS eaten really well, the more leafy greens you add to your diet the better – I will at some point go further into the lifestyle, of how I eat but today is about the skin.

Moisturising morning and night started around the age of 19 – I had a #megababe tell me – “if I wanted good skin throughout my life, this was a non negotiable” so being a good listener I did exactly that, I started a routine from the very next morning.

This #megababe is also my make up artist for my upcoming wedding, she wont even remember the conversation but she changed my life. #shesmyhero. So ladies the crux of my babble is moisturiser, lemons, water, greens and SPF daily and I mean this. Unless you use a moisturiser with an SPF your off zee hook.

So back to the HOLY shiz balls I’m 30, lets amp this skin situation up.

I don’t know about you but MECCA is my TAB, casino, money pit, whatever you want to call throwing away money, MECCA is that for me. FULL STOP.

If I’m with the ol ball and chain shopping, we have a rule – quite simply I’m not allowed on the same level as spoken store. They have an amazing array of skin care, I think if you can justify paying for it – go for it babe, go for it.

J.Round on zee other hand can NOT justify the amount of cash dollar, you can spend on a serum.

Aha so you now know it’s a serum.

Lucky for the ol ball and chain this gal can research like a boss, this gal found the best thing to happen to her skin since sliced bread. Funny that, I am a coeliac and can’t eat bread, lets all LOL at this together. #apostforanotherday

I present, DRUM ROLL…….. Imagine a drum rolling in your head. DO IT. DO IT. ARE YOU DOING IT?

Eco C Serum – The #1 BEST selling product from zee brand.

Image from ECO Modern Essentials Instagram

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 10.47.38 am.png

Liquid gold. PURE Liquid gold.Pure happiness.Pure love.

GIVE ME A HOLLA if you want, dewy skin (I effen love that word surely top ten, I will mention this over and over now cos I can ) anti ageing, reduced pigmentation and redness, boosted elasticity and a hydrated look and feel. Which equates to *I was never good at math, so this is my math.

This plus that, plus this, plus that, plus bob = Even toned skin, a smoother appearance and the holy grail – GLOWING skin.

I mean I’m a genius right – shit I had to check the spelling of genius. 

Here I am taking a #selfie, what a fool I am……. This is me on my 30th Birthday Party and the dewy skin IS.ON.POINT.

Also safety first when you notice it! 


I apply this little baby right after every shower;  two drops is enough dab it onto the face and neck then let her sink in.


She keeps my skin hydrated, smooth and fresh looking. I try to leave at least thirty minutes between this and my moisty, (moisturiser ya sickos), as it really sinks into the skin. I then do the makeup thang – but you know what we are not here for that.

She’s great for summer and winter and autumn and spring #welldonejessyouknowyourseasons,

My skin is particularly dry on the reg, after applying said liquid gold – I find my face is dewy all day. HASHTAG reminder – DO NOT forget your SPF at all times, she aint got none in her.  

Eco Modern Essentials are a certified organic brand and this particular product contains, Vitamin C, Milk Thistle and C Buckthorn.

The final nail on the coffin and the sole reason you will thank me, slash love me, slash shower me in rose petals, is the PP ( Price Point – from the last post )

This baby costs a total of $18.00 dollars, Yup NO word of a lie.

Below Image J.Round

After Application – look at the shine 


Below Image J.Round

After a workout – 

Full face of make up all day,

No I did not workout with my hair out, this is purely for this post. #real

Side note – PLEASE excuse the WILD brows, these are to be tamed next week and YES I will do a post on that situation.


Wait, wait, wait before you get to the link –

PLEASE buy her from the #OG site, (Apparently OG means original) #iam30

I am all about supporting local Aussie brands, so go on and support the BEST product I own.

Go wild babes – I buy her in bulk #notlying.

You can find out more info on their site as they have a number of other products, that may werk for you and your skin. For now enjoy your new DEWY, skin you can thank me later.

Image from ECO Modern Essentials Instagram

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 12.36.34 pm.png

That is all.

 Jess xx

PS I did have plans to shoot my own beautiful flatlays, (Industry speak for images that are styled and shot from above) however I HAVE AN epic ESSAY due and well I should do it.

Did I forget to mention that I am also studying…..

Below is a shout – out to all the BABES, who have gone to bed with their makeup on and haven’t washed it off. NEWS FLASH, we all do it, so don’t be so hard on yourself. #sorryjessy

After New Years Eve, still Dewy!!!



One thought on “Beauty HACK

  1. Carly says:

    Vitamin C is a life saver! I use it too from a brand called Osmosis. Amazing stuff. And yes to lemon water, it’s so good! Adding lemon or something similar to your water actually helps you absorb the water and minerals better 👍🏽


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