Ok so this is happening, yup I mean really happening. I have decided to start doing the blogging thang rather late in the game yes but here we are here.

So Jess why have you decided to do this?

Well here goes………..

Its basic – I am sick of texting.

Yep correct, I love all my friends and loved ones dearly however I am sick of texting about every day things. For example just a few things I receive on zee reg, Jess where do you get your brows did?  Jess can you recommend a good spray tanner ? Jess where is the latest sale happening? Jess tell me about your awesome gluten/gallbladder and dairy issues.

So basically I am creating this blog as a space so you and my friends can come and read about all these things, it will have a slice of everything for everyone and we will all be apart of what happens.

So if your reading this I promise to never bull poo you, I promise to have fun and I promise to support and inspire you.

Lets do it; this year has so much to give.



Ps that’s the boy he may contribute from time to time, if he is lucky 🙂



2 thoughts on “

  1. jessicagoncalves563 says:

    Lovely blog Jess! You have a very envious career, I, too, love fashion but alas, I am a mere Bookkeeper! I went to school with your fiance, you make a lovely couple. All the best for 2017 x


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